What We Do Is Secret.jpg


The intent behind Ian’s paintings is to capture a feeling of something wrong.  Creating scenes filled with lust, loss and libations, Ian presents his unique view of the world.  Without judgement, Ian creates scenes of sexuality and inebriation that are usually unspoken due to the constraints of society.  Leaving out a key to decipher the images, Ian forces the viewers to confront the imagery and bring their own repressed desires and dreams to the work.  

Visually, the backbone of the paintings revolve around pop and outdated imagery that acts as a gateway into the thoughts behind the paintings.  The space of the painting is asymetrical and broken up by planes and layers of paint.  This serves to break up the painting’s space as well as a layer of time to the moments captured.  By exploding the recomposed imagery, Ian purposefully creates another layer of depth the viewer must excavate.  The paintings retain a visual impact that possess humor, sexuality and unspoken wants and desires.